We Care at Two Rivers 


Did you know that Two Rivers retailers and restaurants are always trying to find new ways to save the planet? We believe if we all do our little bit, it can make a big difference. Read below to see the stores who are already doing the part.

  • TK Maxx run a recycling scheme, where you can bring back preloved clothes, and they will either donate them to Cancer Research UK charity shops, recycled or repurposed.
  • McDonalds recycle the used cooking oil from their kitchens into biodiesel which is then used to fuel around 42% of their delivery fleet.
  •  Many of our restaurants provide a water bottle refilling option.
  • M&S provide a food refill station, where shoppers can take exactly the amount of nuts, and dried fruit they need.
  • Using the Costa app, every time you use a reusable cup, buy for drinks and get one free. 
  • Find Battery recycling points at Lidl and Wilkos,
  • Boots offer recycling of their beauty packaging.
  • Carpetright will save you the trouble and expense of disposing your old bed, mattress or headboard by taking it away and recycling what they can including any packaging from your new purchase.

We are constantly monitoring our food wastage and are always looking for ways to save surplus food, we’d much rather it be enjoyed, than go in the bin! A number of our stores use the food waste prevention schemes such as To Good To Go.

For more information:

Too Good To Go

Two Rivers and the Community

At Two Rivers we absolutely love to support our community and do so in various ways throughout the year. Read below to find out about our latest partnerships, sponsorships, and local activity.

  • Two Rivers are proud to be working with Purple Tuesday, a global social movement who specialise in accessibility and inclusion for everyone, and provide frequent training to organisations to enable them to deliver and constantly improve the disabled customer experience within their shopping centre. To read more about the fantastic work Purple Tuesday do, please click here- Purple Tuesday
  • This year Two Rivers has sponsored Staines Bowling Club
  • Two Rivers are really excited to be working alongside the Business Improvement District to deliver whole town events, for Christmas and major holidays.
  • You’ll also see around our shopping centre we have beautiful hanging flower baskets in the summer and we also plant our lovely Crocuses, which is the Polio awareness flower.

Keep checking back for more updates!


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