Plantbase Store

The Plantbase Store advocates and inspires a healthier life by offering a variety of organic, vegan and vegetarian products. The Plantbase Store’s top selling products include:

14 Allergens Free: Gluten Free Noodle, Gluten Free Flour and Nut Free Snack

Dairy Alternative: Plant Based Milk or Dairy-free Cheese

Planted based Protein: Meat Alternatives, Tempeh and Seitan

Seafood Alternatives: Fish, Shrimp. Prawn and Tuna, all of which are Plant Based

Ready Meal: Asian Style Curry Rice and Stir-fried Noodle

Desserts & Pastry: Vegan Ice Cream, Cake and Waffle & Pie

Vitamins & Supplements: Seaweed & Vegetable Extract Vitamin.
Diets & Slimming: Slim Tea, Keto Cereal and Keto Snack

Sport & Fitness Nutrition: Plant-based Protein Drink, Protein Snack and Superfood

Sustainability/ Environment friendly household: Recycled Aluminum, Bio-based Plastic and Chlorine-free Paper Products





Monday 10am-8:30pm

Tuesday 10am-8:30pm

Wednesday 10am-8:30pm

Thursday 10am-8:30pm

Friday 10am-8:30pm

Saturday 10am-8:30pm 

Sunday 11am-5pm 


Unit 25


+44 (0) 20 8556 8828