The Umbrella Project

Aug 31, 2023

Have you noticed our colourful umbrellas hanging down on Norris Road?

These are to raise awareness of the ADHD Foundation and neurodiversity.

On Thursday 19th October, we will be hosting training around ADHD and neuro diversity delivered by The ADHD Foundation: The neurodiversity charity. We want to understand how as a community we can better support our colleagues, neighbours, friends and families.


At 9:30-11:30 at the Premier Inn, we will be hosting training for local businesses to attend. You could be a business owner, manager or a team member who would like to learn how to better support their colleagues in the workplace. A free continental breakfast will be provided.

At 12:30-14:30 at the Skills Hub, there will be a session for parents of children with ADHD

At 15:00-17:00 at the Skills Hub, there will be an open session for anyone in our community to learn about ADHD and neuro diversity and how to best support friends and family.

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