Itsu.. Coming Soon…

Aug 23, 2022

Istu is coming to Two Rivers!

Two Rivers worst kept secret is finally out!

Itsu is coming to Two Rivers and due to be open by the end of October.

Itsu first opened its doors in 1997, after recognising a need for healthy, nutritious fast food. 25 years later it has landed in Staines, launching a beautiful store in the heart of Two Rivers.

Most of the Asian-inspired menu is under 500 calories and packed with vitamins, fibre & protein, a third of dishes are plant-based and the vast majority costs under £8. Their modern menu is light and packed with protein, wholegrain brown rice, and vegetables. Each of their hot pots contains up to 15 different fibre-rich nutritious greens, herbs, and aromatics.

Inspired by fresh food places in Japan, they also hold a half-price evening sale to help reduce food waste.


Keep your eyes pealed and look out for food offers, and updates via our Social Media pages, as we’ve got something exciting coming for you!