What's New at Pizza Hut

14th June 2017

What's New at Pizza Hut



A pizza party, where everyone is invited!

Get a sharing pizza, two sides, two salads and dessert to share. All that for just £26.95 - holla!

Want to know more? Read on pizza fans, read on... Choose from Pan or Thin: Triple Pepperoni, Meat Feast, Chicken Supreme, Hawaiian, Veggie, New Orleans Chicken Sizzler, Margherita or even half and half from that list. Get Unlimited Salad for two. Yessah!

Choose two starters or sides. You can have Fries, Jalapeño Poppers, Chicken Bites... or you know.. other sides... more choice than you can shake a stick at basically. Then - the pièce de résistance - which is French for "the best bit" (probably)...

Choose your dessert. You can have a sharing Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, Ice Cream Factory for two, two slices of Choc Chunk Cheesecake or any two hot drinks. I mean.. That is a meal for the ages!

Total feast fest.  Just to let you know, a bit of a quirk: the pizza shape varies by location. No, fo' realz. Some places it's round, some places it's rectangular. Weird, no? Still tastes amazing though, whatever the shape.