Film Club

Despicable Me 3

6th July 2017

Despicable Me 3

If you liked the first two movies, then you are going to love this next instalment.

It starts off thick and fast, outlining the newest baddie on the block; Balthazar Bratt voiced by South Parks Trey Parker. Gru (Steve Carell) and Lucy (Kristen Wiig) are on his tail as AVL agents, but fail to catch this funky 80's styled villain and get fired as punishment for their failure.

Things start to look up for Gru and his new family when he gets an invitation from his successful twin brother Dru he knew nothing about (also voiced by Steve Carell). Family history and brotherly fun ensue, as Gru gets a taste of his old villianous ways.

If you like 80's music, colourful characters and an action packed story, and not forgetting the hilarious Minions then take the whole family to see this movie. My boys loved dancing to the music, laughing at the Minions and really enjoyed the epic robot fight scene at the end.

We personally think this is the best movie in the trilogy so far... It’s a must see with some other movie references that only us adults will get...  

Reviewed by Tracey, Brandon (age 6), Aaron  (age 2).

Film Club Rating: ★★★★★