Film Club

The Limehouse Golem

5th September 2017

The Limehouse Golem The Limehouse Golem 

Set in the streets of Victorian London in 1880, Detective Inspector John Kildare (Bill Nighy) is assigned to a case following a string of murders.

John is searching for The Limehouse Golem – a calculating serial killer who leaves his distinctive signature in blood – battling against time before he strikes again on innocent victims.

The crime-thriller movie, based on the novel by Peter Ackroyd, has an engaging storyline that will keep you guessing throughout who the murderer may be, as well a highlighting a variety of topics and history of the era.

There have been mixed reviews on Bill Nighy’s performance in the movie, but as a fan of the actor, I was delighted with his return on top form.


Reviewed by Sarah