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Atomic Blonde

15th August 2017

Atomic Blonde

I left the cinema feeling slightly perplexed as to what I had just watched after seeing Atomic Blonde. I found the story unnecessarily hard to follow, whether that was just me or not, I don’t know. However, despite this, I loved the visual style and effects that were used throughout the film as these created an intense and dark atmosphere that flowed through the film.  

I particularly enjoyed the action sequences in the film, which heavily featured Charlize Theron, who plays the feisty female lead, Lorraine Broughton. Her character is mysterious and leads a secretive life as a top-level spy for MI6. Atomic Blonde follows the story of Broughton on one of her most notorious missions yet, skipping between the past and present to show a story that keeps you hooked and wondering what is going to happen next.  

Overall I enjoyed the film, however, I think that Atomic Blonde could do with some de-cluttering, as all of the unnecessary twists and turns throughout the film were hard to follow. Despite this, the film was packed full of great action scenes and some even better effects that made for an exciting cinema experience. 


Reviewed by Rosie