Pret Coffee Subscription for only £20 a month!

8th September 2020

Pret Coffee Subscription for only £20 a month!

Fancy up to five drinks a day for a month for only £20? You read that right!

Pret A Manger have introduced YourPret Barista service which is a monthly coffee subscription service! ⁠All your coffees (and teas, frappes, hot chocolates…) for £20 a month and your first month FREE. ⁠⁠☕

Usually buying five cappuccinos a day for 30 days would cost you £360 and now you can get it for just £20! 😍

The subscription allows you to have up to 150 drinks a month and covers all barista-made coffees as well as teas, hot chocolates, smoothies and frappe drinks. ☕😋For more details pop in store.

Click here to sign up: