Wagamama summer menu - from the bowl to your soul

26th July 2019

‘Kokoro’ means ‘spirit, heart + mind’, and the Wagamama summer menu bowls have been created to feed your soul this summer and are all under 650 calories. They all sound delicious!

- Naked katsugrilled curried chicken on a bed of brown rice, with edamame beans, shredded carrots, dressed mixed leaves and japanese pickles. served with a side of katsu curry sauce

- Seared nuoc cham tunaseared nuoc cham tuna steak on a bed of quinoa with stir-fried kale, sweet potato, edamame beans, red onion and peppers. garnished with coriander

- Avant gard'n (vegan menu) made in collaboration with Gaz Oakley - barbecue-glazed seitan served with a coconut+ sriracha vegan ‘egg’, grilled shiitake mushrooms and asparagus on a bed of brown rice. topped with edamame beans, carrots and spring onions. dressed with a sweet amai sauce and garnished with sesame seeds and fresh lime