Film Club

The Upside

15th January 2019

Phillip played by Bryan Cranston, is a wealthy quadriplegic who needs a caretaker to help him with his day-to-day routine in his New York penthouse.

He decides to hire Dell played by Kevin Hart, a struggling parolee who's trying to reconnect with his ex and his young son. Despite coming from two different worlds, an unlikely friendship starts to blossom as Dell and Phillip rediscover the joy of living life to the fullest.  

Inspired by a true story, The Upside is  a Hollywood remake of 2012 runaway French hit The Intouchables . A heartfelt comedy about a depressed disabled man and unloved ex-con, and still manages to be an aspirational film by Director Neil Burger  because of friendship, the triumph of the human spirit and really luxurious Park Avenue apartments.

Nicole Kidman plays Yvonne Pendleton, Philip's executive in a pretty small but important part.

Lots and lots of funny moments which kept up laughing to bits. Kevin Hart and Bryan Cranston were phonemal, a perfect fit. It's not the Intouchables which is a good thing; it is it's own loose interpretation of it, which I liked. I wish people could just watch and enjoy it for what it is, instead of just a remake of Inthouchables.

Good watch.

Reviewed by: Vini Kaur

Rated: 4/5 stars