Film Club

The Lion King

23rd July 2019

This live action Lion King remake follows the same story as the original Disney animated version. The beginning of the film was slightly slow to pick up any action and concentrated on explaining more of the background and introducing characters. The infectious songs and score by Elton John and Tim Rice, from the original film, complimented the clever camerawork and realistic animations from Disney - creating an electric atmosphere.

Throughout the film, there were well known songs like "Circle of Life", "Can You Feel The Love Tonight?" and the legendary "Hakuna Matata". The film raises lots of emotions, such as bravery, friendship, love and loss. The animals are so lifelike, you completely forget it's animation. The minute details like the animal skin textures and small movements add to the reality.

The stampede scene is phenomenal and when all of the animals come together on screen its totally breathtaking. It's a PG rating and suitable for most children, although some scenes are jumpy and the lion / hyena fight scenes are quite scary. All in all a fantastic film which is expected from Disney. 

Rated: 4/5 stars

Reviewed by: Kate Mason