Film Club

The Hustle

16th May 2019

 The Hustle is about two con women working on scams that are poles apart both in their league and value,  are thrown together in this fun, comedic film, set mainly in France. 

Anne Hathaway plays a posh British women with a dodgy accent to Rebel Wilson's working class, girl next door. The scenery is great and the cinematography is sublime. The rivarley between the two women makes for good banter with Rebel Wilson leading the humor with her costume changes, stunts and various character role plays.

Anne Hathaway didn't quite hit the mark with her foreign accents and characterisations and without Rebel, the film would have fallen flat.  The plot is quite basic but an additional twist throws our leads together and brings about a different ending to initially anticipated.

The film kept me entertained throughout and I was unaware of the time that had passed in the cinema. It's well worth a watch as long as you do not expect it to be too believable or realistic. I had thought initially it would be akin to the all female Ocean's 8 but once you realise that this is a completely different genre of film, and get passed that, you can appreciate it for what it actually is.

It's a light hearted comedy which fans of Rebel Wilson will enjoy. Wilson also directed the film and deserves credit for a job very well done.  

Rated: 3/5 stars

Reviewed by: Karen Tuelon