Film Club

The Favourite

8th January 2019

What you see is most definitely not what you get from The Favourite; promising to be full of humour and wit, I thought that many of the best parts are unfortunately what you see in the trailer!

Having said that, there were definite moments that left you wanting more…however, the film didn’t seem to have anything more to give; instead choosing to opt for strange scenarios, of which I am not sure whether they were meant to be serious, ironic or both!

Despite the story line lacking in parts, the acting was great throughout and I loved watching Lady Sarah’s (Rachel Weisz) relationship with Queen Anne (Olivia Colman) develop and eventually uncoil at the hand of Abigail (Emma Stone), whose seemingly innocent character in the beginning leaves you hating her malice and spitefulness by the end, whilst admiring her determination to do whatever it takes to get exactly what she wants.

As she says within the film “I’m on my side, always”.  

Overall, I think that the film was interesting and one to watch if you are intrigued by the story. If you go in not expecting too much, then I think that you may enjoy this much more than I did as I had higher hopes for this film! 

Rated: 2/5 stars

Reviewed by: Alex Malik