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Spider-Man: Far from Home

9th July 2019

Spider-Man Homecoming is an incredible interesting film to follow on from Avengers Endgame.

Peter and his classmates have returned to the world having been dead for five years, and this is dealt with in a humorous opening. As is the less of the Marvel Cinematic Universe's premiere super hero, Tony Stark. Jake Gyllenhaal's turn as Mysterio was superb.

As we knew it would be, but it surpassed expectations. It's an excellent modernised integration of the classic supervillain and his origin, and a great addition to the MCU. The web swinging action was exhillirating and some of the best we've even seen.

Whilst a vast improvement to Homecoming, it still shares some of the same flaws I.e still no mention of Uncle Ben, too much reliance on the tech of Tony Stark etc.

Big enjoyable surprise in the first post credits scene as well as something I didn't like that has me worried for the next installment. The second post credits scene cheapened an element of the movie for me. This isn't the Spider-Man I know and love, and perhaps it's still a bit Iron Man Jr for my liking. But it's definitely a Spider-Man I'm growing to like.

Rated: 4/5 stars

Reviewed by: Karen Tuelon