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Rambo: Last Blood (18)

30th September 2019


Release Date:  20th September 2019

1/5 Stars

Sylvester Stallone is back as John Rambo in most probably the final instalment of the Rambo franchise. This movie pits Rambo against a Mexican mob of criminals, when they are rightfully punished for kidnapping Rambo's niece. Rambo goes on a revenge mission killing all bad guys that get in his path using a variety of sharp weapons, and a few booby traps for good measure. The movie has it's usual Rambo violence, blood, gore, and explosive over the top action, but this movie is the weakest of all 5 Rambo instalments. Unfortunately you will feel unsatisfied when walking out of the cinema, as to be honest it's just not very good. It feels rushed, and poorly put together and the story is weak and predictable. The whole film is 'Taken' and 'Home Alone' on acid, which leaves little originality, as it's all been done before. Rambo should be in a retirement home knitting tea cosies and playing tiddlywinks if you ask me!

Review by Chris Griffiths