Film Club

The Emoji Movie

8th August 2017

The Emoji Movie

The Emoji Movie is an enjoyable fun-filled film for all ages. It will especially appeal to ages 8 to 12 as it is geared towards the workings and apps of a mobile phone.

The story is centred around Gene the Meh emoji who cannot control his emotions and Alex a boy who has feelings for a girl at school. After Gene gets chosen for his own cube he unfortunately, due to the excitement, fails to perform and uphold his Meh face when Alex sends a text.

This creates a knock on effect which provides the back story of friendship between Gene and his other emoji friends including Jailbreak and High Five. It teaches children correct morals and how to stand by your friends through thick and thin and the importance of family support.

The film has a great upbeat soundtrack with a bright vivid scenes, plus the occasional in joke for the older generation. All in all a great way kill a few hours during the school holidays.

When this film gets released on DVD my son would definitely buy it!


Reviewed by Kate