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Girls Trip

1st August 2017

Girls Trip

I was expecting this film to be similar to Bridesmaids but it outshone that in so many ways. The film follows a group of four college friends, each with different personalities and completely different lifestyles, as they reconnect after a five year distance and embark on a road trip to the Essence Festival  in New Orleans. They encounter varying experiences along the way and we get to see beyond what the rest of the world sees in these women’s lives.  

The acting was great with all four main characters being relatable and easy for the audience to connect with. Tiffany Haddish , although the less well known out of the lead actresses, completely stole the show for me with her brash and totally in your face portrayal of Dina – a character with a love of violence, alcohol and sexual acts!  

With an all star cast and  musical appearances from an array of MOBO stars from Mariah Carey to P.Diddy this film does not disappoint.  

The language is colourful, there is a lot of use of the “N” word , full frontal male nudity and re-enacting of sexual acts, all of which make this film the comedy of the year!

I encourage everyone to go and see it, you will not be disappointed!

Reviewed by Karen