Film Club


25th July 2017


Dunkirk was a brilliant film, gripping from start to finish! We all know the story of Dunkirk but this truly brought home the sheer number of soldiers that died, and the amazing number that were rescued. It showed their desire to survive, moving from sunken boat to sunken boat.

Every single actor told their own story with conviction and emotion.  The start of the film has very little talking between the characters but they still manage to communicate and portray the understanding between the men that were all in the same situation.

It also showed the true courage and spirit amongst the British people, and their desire to  do whatever it took to bring home our soldiers. Even their return to England was not what the expected following their harrowing experiences. The screen graphics showed the terrifying speed with which these ships sunk, and the sound of the spitfires is truly  something they all loved to here.

I would highly recommend this film to everyone to go watch. 

Reviewed by Kim