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Pizza Hut

It's true: we've changed. A lot. We're still the life and soul of pizza - we ain't changing that – but we've added a proper lively dose of pizzazz. We've got a brand new look, a new vibe and loads of new food on the menu – you should come and have a look (and a nibble, a drink, and a really good time). We like to think of it as Freedom. Freedom from… well, never mind that; let's just say Freedom to choose. So grab your taste buddies and let's hustle!

Nothing says "FREEDOM" like our Unlimited Lunch Buffet. On from Monday to Friday every week. There's a massive range of pizza, pasta and of course Free Unlimited Salad. All you can eat for just: £7.50 for an adult & £4.49 for a child

Opening Hours

11:30am to 9:30pm
Tuesday - Thursday
11:30am to 10pm
Friday - Saturday
11.30am to 11:30pm
11:30am to 9:30pm
Unit 41

Telephone: 01784 454095

Pizza Hut in TwoRivers